The Management of Camping El Delfín Verde is pleased to express through this Environmental Policy Statement our commitment to ensure that all the facilities and activities carried out within our campsite are done with the utmost respect and protection of the environment that surrounds us.

We believe that this environment, including the recently declared Natural Park of Montgrí, the Medes and Baix Ter, is an incomparable setting for setting an example of sustainable development, demonstrating that the protection of the natural heritage is compatible with a high level of tourist activity.

The main objective in this respect is to prevent pollution and minimise environmental impact within the framework of technical and economic viability, achieving a commitment to continuous improvement, as well as to assess in advance the repercussions that new activities, products and services may have on the environment.

For this reason, and in recognition of our responsibilities towards the environment, we have defined the following as our principles of action:

  • Comply with current environmental legislation, as well as with other voluntary requirements.
  • Continuously optimise the most appropriate measures to reduce the consumption of resources, such as water and energy.
  • Minimise wastewater pollution and the environmental costs of wastewater management in order to achieve a compatible impact on the environment.
  • Minimise and valorise the waste generated by achieving an optimal and correct management. – Protect the environment of the campsite and ensure the landscape integration of the buildings and green areas.
  • Involve all the agents involved in the tasks with environmental impact.
  • Information and awareness of good environmental practices among workers.
  • Information to suppliers and subcontracted services of the environmental commitment adopted, and requirements that concern them.
  • Information to customers on the environmental situation of the campsite and advice on good practices to be carried out.
  • Increase communication between clients and the organisation, as an instrument of education and promotion of respect for the environment.
  • Annually review the emergency, training and dissemination plans.
  • Draw up a calendar of environmental actions.
  • Draw up an annual statement of the environmental actions and progress achieved. Likewise, this declaration is disseminated to all employees of the campsite and people working on its behalf, and will be permanently available to the public so that it can be reviewed by interested parties.

From the Management we commit ourselves to the fulfilment of what is stated in this Environmental Policy,