Hiking and Trekking

Paseos por la Costa Brava

Fun, cultural and family itineraries; adapted to different technical and physical levels. We propose some routes through the Baix Empordà (Costa Brava) and the Girona Pyrenees, following local trails (SL), long-distance trails (GR) and short-distance trails (PR) routes.

In addition, you can discover the coastal paths that border the coast and that allow you to discover the beaches and coves of the Costa Brava.

Pals rice fields


Les Dunes – Route18

El Montgrí

Hiking trails

Step by Step. No hurries. Breathing deeply. Photographing the landscape. At your own pace. We offer excursions along the Costa Brava and the pre-Pyrenees of Girona, following long-distance routes (GR), short-distance routes (PR), and local trails (SL).

“Les Dunes” a Roca Maura

Distance: 13.80 km
Difficulty level: Easy

Castle and Sta. Catalina from Montplá

Distance: 6.70 km
Difficulty level: Moderate

From Montgrí to Roca Maura

Distance: 16.70 km
Difficulty level: Easy

Montplá and Montgrí

Distance: 7.60 km
Difficulty level: Moderate


Distance: 17.50 km
Difficulty level: Moderate

Campdevànol, “Torrent de la Cabana”

Distance: 9.40 km
Difficulty level: Easy

Route characteristics

Long distance trails (GR, more than 50 km) cross Europe and are marked in white and red. Short distance trails (PR, between 10 and 50 km), of local or regional area, are marked in white and yellow. Local trails (SL) are less than 10 km long and are marked in white* and green. (*This colour may change depending on the area).

To make the trip more pleasant, we recommend:

  • To wear comfortable clothing, preferably breathable
  • Flexible trousers, or at least avoid jeans type trousers.
  • Sports shoes will suffice, but bear in mind that the mountain paths are very rocky and your feet can suffer.
  • Everyone should carry a pan of water (1 or 2 litres) or some kind of hydrating liquid.

Explain your experiences to other cyclists, on the Hiking at Costa Brava blog or share comments of the routes.