For us you come first!


OUR COMMITMENT is to ensure you can all enjoy your holidays peacefully and safely!


This season we’ve created DOLFI CARES ABOUT YOU, a plan including health measures to ensure that you can all enjoy your well deserved holidays in El Delfin Verde Costa Brava Resort in total safety.

El Delfin Verde Costa Brava Resort is one of the most important luxury campsites in Spain. However, the current COVID 19 context requires establishing protocols so that, after the reopening of the facilities, the risk of contagion does not increase, as well as establishing the necessary prevention and protection measures, both for workers and customers.

It is a changing and constantly evolving information. Therefore, the measures will be constantly updated.

Each zone will have its own security protocol. The measures can be more or less strict depending on whether it is an open or closed space or whether it is possible to maintain the security distance between clients and staff. We recall that the most effective prevention measures are:

  • The social distancing of 2 meters

  • Constant hygiene and disinfection, preferably with soap and water or the use of hydroalcoholic gels instead.


Will the Resort staff wear a mask? And the clients?

The staff will necessarily wear a mask, always keeping a distance of at least 2 meters from clients and/or other workers. As for clients, they must maintain the safety distance of 2 meters, and the mask will be necessary according to the instructions of the health authorities and in the specific places that are determined. Masks for customers can be purchased in the supermarket.

When should customers wear gloves?

El Delfin Verde Costa Brava Resort will have several disinfection points with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers available to customers and distributed throughout the Resort, especially in the common areas.The use of gloves will be compulsory in closed spaces such as the supermarket and the souvenir shop. Gloves will be provided at the entrance of the facilities mentioned.

Will there be temperature measurements at any time of the stay?

There will be temperature measurements before some animation activities and before the MiniClub starts.We will pay special attention to the appearance of typical symptoms.


Will there be animation?

For El Delfín Verde animation has always been a priority. The animation activities will be done, but will be adapted according to the evolution of the situation.

Will there be shows at night?

The capacity will be limited according to the available space, guaranteeing social distancing. It’s mandatory to wear a mask during the night show, near the stage and surroundings. We are studying the possibility of doing another activity at a different point and at the same time for everyone to enjoy.

Which activities can be done?

All activities that allow us to maintain the required security controls. A lot of work is being done to offer activities with fewer people and more times a week so that everyone can enjoy their holidays in total safety.

Will the Mini Club work? In what conditions?

We are studying the possibility of adapting the activities of the Miniclub, according to the measures established by the competent authorities, with measures such as temperature taking and disinfection. Children must be accompanied by an adults to guarantee social distancing.


Will the pools be open (Water park and paddling pools)?

Our Water Park is 100% open. The water is chlorinated according to the parameters stipulated by law (0.5-2) and disinfected at all times. The parameters of the PH (7-8) are strictly controlled before the daily opening of the park and constant chlorine measurements are made throughout the day.

Will the water park be accessed by time slots? Or can we go at any time?

It’s open as in the previous seasons with the only control of the capacity. According to health recommendations, It will be necessary to keep the safety distance between people.

Which security measures will be taken in the pool areas?

We will put at your disposal hydroalcoholic gel for the hands at the entrance and in several places strategically distributed. Hand washing and safety distances  are mandatory to access the facilities.

Will there be sunbeds this year? How will this work?

In order to respect the safety distance, the sunbeds will be placed at a distance of 2 meters between them (we are studying the possibility of renting them by putting disposable covers).

Is it possible to sunbathe and stay around the pools?

As long as the safety distances of 2 meters between people are maintained (except for members of the same household) you can sunbathe. The sunbeds will constantly be disinfected to prevent contagion.

Will the large slides be open? Will there be any type of disinfection between one client and another? And the small slides for children?

The slides are open: The instructions of the lifeguards must be respected at all times. It will always be necessary to respect the safety distances in the queues and the disinfection measures established, which will be applied continuously.


Will the beach be accessible?

The consistory recognizes that everyone, “even in case of maximum occupancy”, will be able to enjoy the beaches as there is enough space. In addition, the City Council is working to put in place a device that ensures “the maximum security measures” with “the minimum restrictions”. As in previous seasons, you can access the beach freely. (The regulation of the capacity, the possibility of doing sports outdoors or of allowing the baths is a competence of the Local City Council. According to the evolution of the current situation, certain measures will be announced later).


Which measures will be taken in the restaurants?

The restaurants are operating according to the regulations in force on the national territory. Social distancing between customers will be guaranteed both inside the restaurants and on the terraces. Other options such as take-out or delivery will also be available via the El Delfin Verde App.


How can payments be made?

As far as possible, payments must be made by bank card or using the rechargeable bracelet that we give to each user on the day of Check-in.


Procedures and doubts

In order to avoid crowds at Reception or Infopoint, we kindly ask you to do most of the paperwork or requests by phone or email and we will assist you as soon as possible.

How will the check in process be like?

During this season it will be necessary to check-in online. This way, the contact with other customers at the reception will be avoided and everything will be ready upon arrival. The Express check-in allows us to get all the data we need from and make the final payment online, so that  you won’t need to leave the car, everything will be prepared before your arrival.

If you have to check in physically, only one person per family will be allowed to get in the reception and the safety distance will be respected at all times.

While checking-in online a liability statement must be signed.

During my stay, can I get all the information on the website?

During your stay you can download our new APP (Android and Apple) where you can find out about all the schedules, services and necessary information. You can also rent bicycles, refrigerators or even book tennis and paddle tennis courts without having to go to our information point.



A specific cleaning and disinfection protocol has been established for both accommodation and toilets, in accordance with current national and European regulations, complying with the pertinent and necessary approvals.

In the lodgements and in order to guarantee our clients safety, the air conditioning systems will be cleaned (including filters and grilles) and after that, our qualified cleaning staff will proceed with the complete cleaning of the accommodation.


OUR COMMITMENT is to ensure you can all enjoy your holidays peacefully and safely!


Therefore, we’ve created DOLFI CARES ABOUT YOU, a plan including health measures to ensure that you can all enjoy your well deserved holidays in El Delfin Verde Costa Brava Resort in total safety. 

In view of this exceptional situation and in order to convey a sense of calm and tranquility to our customers, we have modified our cancellation policy, so that you can cancel up to 7 days before your arrival and choose between one of the following options:


  • DRequest a refund of your deposit: For accommodation bookings 95% of the deposit will be refunded. For pitch reservations, 100% of the deposit will be refunded, minus € 10 for administration fees.
  • Possibility of modifying the dates: for a stay on other dates of this season, updating the price according to the current rate.
  • Save the full amount for a future reservation in 2021: through a provisional booking. Once the 2021 booking process starts, we will contact you again to formalize the precise booking in dates and type of accommodation.

In case we weren’t able to open the Resort (or for future eventualities that depend on the Management Department), 100% of your deposit will be refunded (minus 10€ for administration fees). Otherwise, you’ll be able to save the full amount for a future stay, as well.

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