Enjoy a “different” vacation without having to travel far away.

Themed accommodations

Our theming is based on the Costa Brava, our Mediterranean land, which is key when it comes to framing our resorts. Within this framework, we choose other exotic tourist destinations such as the Mediterranean, Polynesia, Tropical Africa, Maldives Islands or Bora Bora.

We use theming to diversify our offer of bungalows, swimming pools, entertainment and hospitality services, so that you can enjoy a different kind of holiday as if you were in a faraway and luxurious outdoor destination.

We have a large team of theming artists who work throughout the year making decorative elements (animals, trees, rocks, …), theming buildings, swimming pools, etc… In addition we also have a state-of-the-art 3D printer, it is almost 2 meters high and allows us to make large-scale theming.

Depending on each theming, you will be able to enjoy an exceptional tourist experience.  You won’t be able to avoid taking pictures in many of the corners of our resorts and share them with your friends and family.