Know the Campsite


Central Area

Nautilus Restaurant

A perfect place for families and people looking for a casual, but with a traditional touch and comfortable. It has an outdoor terrace where you will enjoy Mediterranean and international cuisine, as well as a children’s menu.

In the morning, starting at 8 am so you can have a delicious orange juice squeezed recently, French croissants, jam and espresso for € 3.80. We also offer English breakfast, continental and Spanish, as well as sandwiches and fine pastries.
Free Wi-Fi

Gelato di Cuore

Our varied ice creams in cones or tubs in the central zone where the performances, at all times and for everybody.

Mamas Food

If you feel like enjoying the privacy of your accommodation, but you have no desire to take care of cooking, our service take away is the option you were looking for.

Take back to your home paella, roast chicken, pizza, salads and daily suggestions, all fresh and ready to serve.

La Corbeta Grill

You may request our special menus for lunches throughout the day or choose from the wide variety of sandwiches and snacks. We recommend you to try one of our secret skewers of pork, chicken bagels with Dutch cheese, the sausage Frikandel with sauce, a part of all our classics.

La Corbeta Grill is the perfect place for dinner with entertainment on the dance floor.

Il Delfino

Restaurant with a terrace where you can taste the traditional Italian cuisine with a touch of the essential Mediterranean diet .

Do not miss our Caesar salad with crispy chicken, parmesan cheese and toast; or the Provoletta casserole baked with cherry tomatoes and Figueres onion or our variety of pizzas.

Yummy Yogurt

2013 Opening of the new “Yogurt Yummy Soft”! Come to try our natural yoghurt ice cream, close to the Nautilus Bar.

The Yummy Yogurt is real yogurt from the house “Pastoret”, an artisan yogurt 100% natural, with excellent flavor and texture.

The Yummy Yogurt offers the best and most varied selection of toppings, from fresh seasonal fruit crisp and fun to nuts, as well as our suggestive hot chocolate sauce or fruit coulis.


As always our fabulous crepes: savory, sweet and salted. At any time of day whener you feel like it and for everybody.

Pool Area

Pool Bar

Enjoy our ice cream, soft drinks and snacks at the Dolfi pool.

Asian Taste

The Asian Taste offers an elaborate fusion of Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese food.

This restaurant is located over the pool area, so you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire pool eating outdoors or within the local, based on the principles of Feng-Shui minimalist décor, modern but cozy.

Its cuisine is based on a unique blend of exotic flavors fused with oriental recipes and traditional at the same time.
We recommend our assortment of dishes like salmon and tuna maki, shrimp panko with sweet & spicy sauce; duck with mango and sweet chilli sauce, or our Asian Taste ice cream sundae with mango, green tea and coconut.

We also offer a selection of drinks such as the Japanese Asahi beer, or you can try Japanese sake.

Bar Delfín

The Delfín Bar will allow you to enjoy your cocktail or any drink quietly with a panoramic view of our main pool with the dolphin’s shape.

La Goleta Burguer

Located in the pool area. Here you can order to take away to the pool or, if you prefer, dine on the terrace. This year we released a children’s menu with surprise. We offer classic and tasty burgers and other snacks, as well.

At the Beach

Beach Bar

The new Beach Bar incorporate this year new dishes such as mussels, shrimp with garlic and variety of pans, our customers can enjoy the outdoors while enjoying views of the prestigious Medes.

We’ll continue offering snacks and hot or cold sandwiches as always, as well as soft drinks and Caribbean cocktails.

Experience the Costa Brava!

Night Life


Party all night with good music and dance, just to enjoy your unforgettable nights on the Costa Brava. A safe place, alcohol-free, where your children will be entertained and carefree. They will appreciate it.

Chillout La Vela

Located behind the main pool, you will find our “Chill-out La Vela”: an outdoors place, hiding and relaxing, where you can enjoy good music as well as a relaxed atmosphere. Try one of our fabulous gintonics or choose a combination of cocktails.

For no-alcohol we also offer a variety of fruit smoothies and cocktails. Immerse yourself in the light of the moon on our La Vela.

Hotel Clipper

La Terraza

Live our terrace all day long! Wake you up with our breakfasts, with a selection of fresh fruit smoothies while taking a bath or tanning by the pool, or enjoy our lunches and snacks to sweets dinners under the moonlight, palm trees and calm living the Natural Park of Montgrí and Medes Islands.

Catamaran’s Restaurant

Catamaran’s Restaurant, located in our **** Hotel Clipper 100 meters from the campsite, where local food traditions combine perfectly with modern techniques to offer a new vision of international cuisine, all through a elegant and attentive service. Discover our tradition of culinary excellence in the restaurant or on the terrace overlooking the beautiful gardens and pools.

Menu is available all days and nights, children’s menu and list, accompanied by a wine list with special attention to DO Empordà selected regional beers and gintonics list.
Our menu through different ways, you can enjoy a special lunch or dinner from € 16, including a wine list among which are those of DO Empordà. We also offer a children’s menu.

Do not miss during the months of April, May and June, our menu of Rice DO Empordà € 14.90 each day, consisting of a salad and differents rices from “l’Avi Trias” from Pals. Includes dessert or coffee, water and Empordà wine glass.

Piano Bar

Get relaxed in our Piano Bar where you can enjoy fine regional beers or our specialty cocktails: the gintonics.

El Delfin Verde

C/ Rossinyol 1, 17257 Torroella de Montgrí – Costa Brava
GPS: N 42º 00’ 43,70’’ E 03º 11 417,56’’

Tel +34 972 758 454 – Fax +34 972 760 070
[email protected]

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