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Dolfi Club

Miniclub / 4 – 8 years

Our “Mini Club”, is specially designed for the care and enjoyment of the children.

In the high-season, 1st of July till 31st of August, we have our Mini-club devided in Mini-club (4 – 8 years old) and Maxi-club (9 – 12 years old). In the low-season the Mini-club is from 4 till 12 years old.

In the Mini-club we concentrate more in having fun, being creative and playing together.


  • Eco-wallet: to create and make their own wallet.
  • Stone-painting: the kids have a nice souvenir to take home and remember their fantastic stay.
  • Window-painting: after been dried up, this paint sticks to windows, fridges, etc…
  • Pasta-neckles: a neckles made out of macaronis, colored/painted by the kids.


  • Sjoelbak: dutch game which is a 2m long, 0,60cm wide wouden table and you can score points with sliding the small wouden discs into the different points-parts.
  • Bowling: the usual bowling game but with plastic cones and a plastic/sponge ball.
  • Parachute-games: all different type of games all with one big parachute, .. very creative game.


Famous table game but in real size.


A multi-game with obstacles.

Poolgames and Waterparty

A variety of games in the kidspool, .. such as waterpolo, spoondiving, mini-disco in the pool, etc…
In the high-season once a week in the morning we have all types of inflatables lying in the pool, pleasure for the whole family.


Some days we also have Theme-days such as Ecologic day, Pirate day, Princess day … then all the activities are related to the Theme.

All the entertainment-activities on the programm are for free except the T-shirt-painting which is once a week and has a cost of 5 euros, .. therefore the kids have an amazing T-shirt, painted as they wish to take home and forever remember El Delfin Verde.

Maxi Sports Club

We hope that the different activities undertaken by our entertainment team, together with these new facilities, will ensure fun for the youngest members of the family.

In the high-season, 1st of July till 31st of August, we have our Mini-club devided in Mini-club (4 – 8 years old) and Maxi-club (9 – 12 years old). In the low-season the Mini-club is from 4 till 12 years old.

In the Maxi-club we organise more games, and also teach/show them how to work in teams.


Is a game based on baseball but adapted to little kids.

American Frisbee

Game between 2 teams, same as American Football but with a frisbee (a flying-disc).


The T-shirt-painting is aswell for the Maxi-club.

Sometimes a Maxi feels more comfortable with the games in the Mini-club, .. so in this case off course he/she can join in the Mini-club.


Based on volleyball but instead of hitting the ball, they throw the ball.

Table-Tennis / Basketball / Football

Every week we organise 2 big football-tournements for the whole family, .. the maxi’s have their own league in this tournement.


A game between two teams, .. and each have to eliminate eachother by hitting eachother with a plastic/spongy ball.


The Waterparty is for the whole family, .. so also the Maxi’s are more then welcome at this party.

Teenies Sports Club / 13–17 years

Our “Dolfi Club” has a wide range of activities aimed at teenagers, such as competitions and plenty of outdoor exercise, all within the framework of unrivalled sporting facilities.

With the teenagers we organise a lot of tournements and we offer them what they like the most.


  • Football-tournaments
  • Basketball-tournament
  • Tennis-tournament


The Waterparty is for the whole family, … so also the Teenagers are more then welcome at this party.

More Sports

  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Waterpolo
  • Padel


The T-shirt-painting is also available for Teenagers in case of interest.

King of the Court

A game the teenagers organise by themself at night, .. each have their soccer-team and the winner stays on.


The Pirate-bar, which is crowded with Teenagers …. so the perfect place to meet up till late night.

Adults Club / +18 years

Our “Dolfi Club, associated with the philosophy “mens sana in corpore sano”, makes available to all campers a variety of sporting events such as tennis, football, basketball, paddle tennis, bowls, badmington, mini-marathon, etc.

The Adults-club is most like the Teenagers club, .. we organise sports that are most practised by adults.


  • Football-tournaments
  • Basketball-tournament
  • Tennis-tournament


A 10km long run, through the rice-fields of Torroella de Montgri … starts early in the morning with breathtaking views.

More Sports

  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Waterpolo
  • Padel

Beach Club

Every morning 7/7 we play beach-volleyball just in front of the entrance of the campsite, at our wonderfull sandy beach.
This is organised for aldults to ensure some quality play-time.

French Boules

Very famous game in France, .. try to throw your boules closest to the ‘cochonnet’ (small wouden ball).

Fitness Club / +18 years

Our Dolfi Club has the privilege of having one of the largest pools of campings in Europe, where there are activities such as aquagym, watergames and many other exercises. We also hasve stretching, pilates zumba, etc…to keep your body in shape.


Our Fitness-club-programm gives you some different types of work-out to keep yourself fit during your holidays.

Program 1/2

  • Stretching/Pilates
  • Aerobics
  • ABS & push-ups
  • Tonificación
  • Work-out

Program 2/2

  • ABS: legs and buttocks.
  • Body Combat: do some boxing, kung-fu-style on the ritme of the music.
  • Latin Dance: keep that body going with some salsa-merenque-bachata music.
  • Aqua-gym: every day of the week.

El Delfin Verde

C/ Rossinyol 1, 17257 Torroella de Montgrí – Costa Brava
GPS: N 42º 00’ 43,70’’ E 03º 11 417,56’’

Tel +34 972 758 454 – Fax +34 972 760 070
[email protected]

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